X-Callback-URL support

Outlinely supports x-callback-url protocol. Via URL Scheme, other apps can trigger certain actions, such as open existing outlines, create new outlines or appending content to existing outlines.

Outlinely's URL Scheme

Here is the format for an URL Scheme action:

outlinely://x-callback-url/[action]?[parameters]&[x-callback parameters]

You can pass x-success and x-error as x-callback parameters to tell Outlinely to return to your provided URLs after performing the action.

X-Callback-URL Actions

Outlinely supports the following actions:

  • open
  • new
  • insert


Open an outline


  • path #required, #case-sensitive The path to the outline. Example: "Inbox/Today", "Ideas/Business Idea"
  • storage #optional iCloud or local




Create a new outline


  • text #required Initial content
  • group #required, #case-sensitive The path to the group where the new outline is created. Example: "Inbox", "Idea", "Research/Technology"
  • title #optional Outline's title
  • storage #optional iCloud or local
  • type #optional markdown or richtext. Default is markdown




Insert text into an existing outline


  • text #required Text to insert.
  • path #required, #case-sensitive The path to the outline. Example: "Inbox/Today", "Ideas/Business Idea"
  • storage #optional iCloud or local
  • parent #optional If specified, Outlinely will attempt to add text to section in the outline with the specified name
  • mode #optional append or prepend. Default is append




  • If you omit the parent parameter, new content will be prepended or appended to the body of the outline.
  • The parent parameter should be pointed to a main heading (which is not indented).

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Require macOS 10.11+