What file format does Outlinely use?

Outlinely saves documents in XML format, which is a human-readable textual data format for storing hierarchical content. Outlinely documents can be easily exported to OPML, Rich Text, HTML, Markdown and plain text format.

Is Outlinely a native app or not?

Outlinely for Mac, iPhone, iPad is built with 100% native code. We craft the app with C++, Objective-C and Swift programming languages.

Why the pricing is different across platforms?

iOS and macOS technically have differents APIs and User Interface Idioms. It takes us a lot of efforts to support both platforms. Subscription model ensures Outlinely to be actively updated for many years to come.

Can I make a custom theme for Outlinely?

Yes. You can read about how to create a custom theme for Outlinely here.

How do I request a feature for Outlinely?

We put our best efforts into constantly improving Outlinely and your feedback is highly appreciated. Please send us an email to outlinely@glamdevelopment.com if you have any feedback or feature requests.

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Requires OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra or High Sierra.